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Middle Class to Wealthy is a Community of Dynamic Leaders & Future Leaders.

Bringing together vision, community, collaboration, intentionality, goals, and leverage to get results.

Strategic Planning

The purpose of strategic planning is to set overall goals for yourself and to develop a plan to achieve them.  It involves stepping back from your day-to-day operations and asking where you're headed and what your priorities should be.  Don't waste time with trial and error, get help.


"It's a shame that each new generation must find the way to success by trial and error when the principles really are clear-cut."

-Andrew Carnegie

Why Should You Join The Community


Where you start doesn't matter.  Getting clear of where you'd like to go, where you are presently, and what's required to get from point to point is the solution.  Join the community in the Growth Zone.

Life is a Gift but Also an Equation to be Solved

There are all types of education but applying a mass-produced solution does not address individual gaps.  Join a community designed specifically to help you hit your goals. 

Components of The Community

Rehabbing Lives

Personal Development 


Leadership Development

As with rehabbing properties, we believe in “Rehabbing Lives “.  This world is filled with “GEMS”, people with untapped potential.  We all understand the concept of prospecting for a property with good bones, assessing the property, finding funding, adding value to the property, and selling it for a profit.  Lives are worthy of adding value to as well.  In terms of rehabbing lives, our process involves peeling back the layers.  Giving the masses an opportunity for those who want a different outcome than the statistics listed above.  Assessing for people who are ready to do the work to get different results. 

Helping People Mind Their Business

Applying Business Skills
to Our Personal Lives

Helping People Mind Their Business is about helping individuals realize that their lives are "their business" literally and figuratively.  Business principles, functions, and processes should be applied to our personal lives for measurable results.

The Cooperative

the Business of Life

We live in a lopsided society. Why are we working so hard to support everyone else at our expense? The infrastructure is already in place. In the cooperative, we leverage the infrastructure already in place and paid for by our labor. Tap into systems that are working and do it for our benefits, creating a win-win-win situation.  We have changed the rules, we play another game, changed how we think, changed our behavior, so we can get different results.


Steps to Success

Success is a planned event.  It won't happen by chance.  You have to do the work.