Middle Class to Wealthy is committed to Rehabbing Lives and Helping People Mind Their Business to bridge the wealth gap.  We take a holistic approach to help people develop themselves to become the best version of themselves to reach their fullest potential.


The mission is to evaluate every situation individually, identify strengths and weaknesses, prepare an individualized development plan based on goals, help individuals execute the plan, modify as adversities arise, create a process from what works, repeat, audit the process and results, and continuously improve the process for every member.

Middle Class to Wealthy

The Movement

Middle Class to Wealthy is a Movement.  Our focus is to build wealth in our community through community, education, relationships, goal setting and achievement.  We have taken a holistic approach in strategically creating the conditions necessary to build wealth systematically and repeatedly by working and growing together identifying and strengthening our weaknesses.  The key is collaboration and putting together resources to address and correct the issues that plague our communities.


About Helaina Jeannot

It took me a while to find my voice.  I hadn't realized that I fit into the "system" perfectly.  It didn't occur to me to deconstruct how things work to figure out that the masses have been conditioned to serve the few who can afford to invest in the operations that generate money. 


It took taking a few steps back, trying my hand at entrepreneurship to realize that we in the middle class are sitting ducks.  We have been lulled into a false sense of security.  One day the light came on.  It was when I had to choose between my finances and taking care of my mom that woke me up. 


My goal is to help make the masses aware that our strength is in collaboration.  Utilizing our size, our skills, our talents, and our ability to work together to build anything.  We need to stop giving away our power and our money and become a resource to ourselves.  We are limitless and the only thing holding us back is what we believe.  We live in a judgmental, I am better than you, society that perpetuates old messaging that contributes to everyone's fears and self-doubt.


I help people shed their limiting beliefs, work together, and passively earn income together to become the CEO of their lives and families to achieve their ultimate goals.


What motivates me is seeing the financial condition of our society, pre-covid and the effect of covid.  Enlightening and empowering others to take back their power.  Knowing that I can offer a solution to help others help themselves.